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Client Testimonials 

Rosie's person-centred flexible approach has meant I've really enjoyed my new exercise regime and fallen back in love with exercise again. The blended in-person and remote sessions have meant I'm able to stick to it even during school holidays and busy times at work!

Rebecca Jane

Rosie has been coming to my home and facilitating my personal exercise routine since January 2023.  On her first visit she carried out a thorough assessment of my condition and abilities.  Her next visit was to introduce me to an exercise regime tailor made to my abilities, and explained how the exercises would help me.  She is very supportive and the sessions are both challenging and fun! I have a progressive neurological condition, and exercise definitely helps to slow the progress down! I have fallen less often since I have been doing the exercises, and feel much more positive and confident since Rosie has been helping me
Heather Oliver

Rosie’s help has been extremely valuable in managing the degenerative  neurological condition from which I suffer.  She has developed exercise programmes tailored specifically to me which help alleviate the symptoms of early onset Parkinson’s Disease.  


Most importantly this has given me strategies to cope with the condition and the situations that arise from it.  In particular I have found that developing muscle strength aids balance, dexterity and control. This undoubtedly helps me tackle normal day to day things with confidence. 


I’m firmly of the opinion that together with targeted physiotherapy, yoga and creative arts we have been able to delay progression of the condition and reduce the amount of medication that I need to take to function as normally as possible. 


Critically I feel that this puts me in control rather than being dependent on the next dose of medication.  I was first diagnosed 11 years ago at the age of 47 yet am still only on a relatively low dosage of replacement dopamine.  I work full time and play golf; I recently took up light running too. 

Basically exercise works for me, the more I do the better I feel.

Ian Godby

Rosie came to my rescue following a period of self neglect. Having put myself at the bottom of a very long list for some time, getting back to a level of health and fitness I would feel happy with, seemed like a mountain to climb. Rosie gently eased me back into exercise with her kind and caring nature. Her knowledge and professionalism builds confidence and I look forward to our sessions which are always fun and varied. In just a few months I feel so much better. Thank you Rosie!

Janet Wild 

I love Unite & addicted! I'm enjoying how I can have a full body workout even with my knee and back problems & feel like I'm doing something good for my body. After Unite I feel stretched & more flexible & already feel like my body is tighter & clothes fit me better!

Meital Rosenthal 

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