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Fitness Pilates, Freestyle Fitness Yoga & Unite

  • Increase core stability and flexibility 

  • Improve posture, balance, strength and physical performance

  • Strengthens lower back - preventing injury whilst performing a movement

  • Gain a greater mind and body connection

  • Improve the ability to optimally function occupationally and recreationally. 


Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates focuses on the body as a human kinetic chain and by applying the fundamental Pilates technique and exercises, Fitness Pilates aims to offset musculoskeletal imbalances.  The Pilates technique focuses on strengthening the centre by relearning the body and mind to recruit core muscles.  

Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Freestyle Fitness Yoga concentrates on movement, breathing, transitions from one posture to another, and progression. Individual strength and performance are favored instead of the prescription of extreme postures that exceed the range of movement.  During FFY movements can be sequenced together to the beat of the music-making transitions seamless and graceful.

Unite 3.jpg


Unite is a feel-good fusion of Fitness Pilates, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, and Body Conditioning.  Unite mixes power, posture, and grace to nostalgic music that will inspire you to achieve stunning results.

''I love Unite & addicted! I'm enjoying how I can have a full body workout even with my knee and back problems & feel like I'm doing something good for my body. After Unite I feel stretched & more flexible & already feel like my body is tighter & clothes fit me better!'' Meital Rosenthal

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