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Home fitness workout

'Playing Card' Session Using a deck of cards to determine what comes next in your training sessions is a great way to achieve a random but effective session. Here is one of my workout examples, which can be done on your own or with a partner. Remember to warm up your body before the session and cool down after. ​ Repeat these exercises, drawing a card for each one. The number on the card you draw = the number of reps Jack, King, Queen = 12 reps Ace = 1 minute Joker = 1 minute

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I am a home personal trainer in the Isle of Man with over 15 years experience helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. My aim is to inspire and help you with tips and advice on how to incorporate health and fitness into your life, increasing your sense of well-being and confidence to achieve your goals. #homepersonaltraining #personaltraining #functionalfitness #nutrition #healthylifestyle #resistancetraining #cardio #postnatalfitness #neurofitness #healthandwel

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